Breach of Injunction

I /( Say A) was allotted a plot a town public (Govt) Trust in 1980. Plot was non transferrable. I appointed a POA ( Say B) as I moved out of town POA without my knowledge entered into a registered sale agreement with a firm ( C) in 1983 with possession and no payment. Payment promised at the time of registration. C gave possession to D. Plot became transferrable in 2005. All above came searching me. My POA(B) refused to honour sale agreement to C. Plot was transferred and registered in my name in 2005 with consent of my poa. C files suit against me(A) and my POA (B) under specific act 1963 section 34. My attorney died in 2007. I transferred the plot in the name of D ( last possessor) in 2008 as I was told that suit is quashed by the son of deceased POA and mediator. In 2014 I tore off all the papers of suit and transfer d/c. In 2015 I got letter from advocate ( hired by my POA on my behalf/ not known to me) that I breached injunction of status quo granted in 2006 to plaintiffs. ( I was never informed). Case went on to board in 2011 with regular plaintiff hearings in 2013 /14 After some altercation and paying fees I continue him as lawyer. The Lawyer is named as my lawyer , my poa lawyer and also named in one of the plaintiffs( C as C is a firm of two partners/ also perhaps lawyer is also a firm of lawyers). Now my lawyer is threatening me of consequences of breach of injunction since December( Which I have not seen). Till to date I have not received any notice from Court. I am afraid to get documents from court/lawyer as it may antagonize my lawyer. Plaintiffs ( C )have also confirmed their possession and no payment in suit. As a matter of fact possessors were D. As per my lawyer plaintiffs have named me and possessors ( D) as contemnors. How to deal with the matter and how serious are charges against me.