I am retired RBI officer. My father died in 1985 and later our ancestral property was in my mother's name as a holder, as my father died without a will. We are three sisters and one brother. I am the eldest and brother being the youngest. My brother kicked out my mother from her house, the said property, 13.33 katah in WB, in 2002 but later brother too left the house and moved to his own house a distance away. Then again my next sister and myself reinstated my mother in our ancestral home. My mother too passed away in 2007 without a will. Out of emotional attachment I have been on and off taking care and repairing and making renovations and paying the property tax since 1985 till 2014, only the 2015 was paid by my brother. In March 2010 my next sister gifted her portion to me. Now no one puts up in the said property and whenever I visit I am threatened by my brother and his goons. Now my query is what is this verdict about inheritance of property about daughters and second is will I not be able to renovate and stay at my birth place.