I want to file a defamation case against my gf

Hello All, I need a legal advice in the below mentioned matter. Me- Sr. Software Engineer(24 yrs) She- Nursing final year student I was in a relationship with a girl from past 1.5 years.From the starting of our relationship, things were not going good. All of her friends used to say that she is not a good girl and it will be better if I quit the relationship. Even I too have observed that she is having mood swings. One day on 26th nov 2014, she asked me to get married in local temple. She emotionally blackmailed me and then I was left with no option then to marry her. I even have photo of us, in which sindoor is there there in her scalp. Since then, things were not going good. She used to take money feom me by giving fake excuses and also compelled me that I should accept the mne, when she returns it. Till date she never returned even a single penny. If I calcuulate, she has taken money and assets worth lack from me.I do have proof for some of the transaction. Like I paid when she did hair starighning and all the malls bill. Two months back, on 21 st nov, 2015, When I was out of station she messaged me(I have that message) that "if I dont have any problem than can she stay with me for few days". I was left with no option than two accept it. Still I found it suspicios and so I left her in my female's friend room. What I found next morning that she left her room without informing. After lot of search, finally I came to know about her whereabouts, the we went to local hotel and stayed over there for few days. On our first day in the hotel, she asked to do a court marriage. Then tomorrow morning I went to the lawyer and we applied for marriage, lawyer said that affter applying it would take 1 month. Now, the thing is very bad. She started accusing me that I used to TORTURE her. Note: If i had tortured her from past 1 years than why she always asks to stay with me. we went to oot of places in our relationship period. This is annoying that girl are taking advantage of anything. She called my parents and informed everything wrong about me. After a lot of issues,my parents advised me file a report in the PS that she is planning some conspiracy against me. I did so, and to my mistake I informed her that I have filed a complaint in her name. Then after 10 days, I got a call from PS that she has complained that I am torturing her. At that time I was out of station in my hometown, so I asked police to wait for 2-3 days. When I came back, iasked her to come to PS but she denied to come. Note: Around couple of months vack, I came to know from some unknown person that she is a call girl and she sent me a nude pic of her, wher she took selfie of her in the hostel room. It was hard for me to believe. I have that pic with me. Also, I got to kno that her elder sister did a court marriage and got divorsed just after her marriage because she was accused by her in laws of her in decent character. I am figured out that she was just using me to fulfill het needs. I just want to know that can I file DEFAMATION case against her. Let me also know how can I take legal action against he. Considering the fact she is girl, then can she file a counter case while is false.