Accident Case

My self Jagadish , My bike's insurance got expired before an accident. The bike rider is my cousin who is just 16 years old. In the accident the opposite person died on the spot. This happened on an National Highway. This happened on 05/07/2015 He got a bail from children court and attended all the hearing. I am working in Karnataka in a private factory. There is no proof that I am working and I am the sole breadwinner for the family. My age is 27. I have not recieved any notice from government agencies till now nor I have been called for any hearing by the lawyer. My cousin have attended 4 hearings till date. 2 days back he recieved notice on his name and it was the composation. The compasation is Rs.57,84,000 . The opposite person was 40 years he had sweet shop running. Now my question is. 1. Who is accountable here. a)the rider b)the owner of the bike. 2. How did my cousin recieved a notice in his name (he was rider) as he is only 16 years old. 3. It is not possible to pay even 1,00,000 as compsation as nobody is earning his family nor we both have any property apart from house ( he comes under BPL(below poverty line). Nor do I have any property in my name nor money. Lawyers are also not helping out properly as we do not have much money to make them happy. 4. what would be the approximate claim. please advice.