Employer terminated me and refuse to pay salary

Hi, I am Adarsh Katare, joind one company on 8 Nov. 2015 But due to Diwali holiday that time they gave me joining letter from 14th Nov.. On next month they gave me 17 Days salary on 13 of Dec. And they told me that on every 10th I will get my salary. After few Days company sent me Jaipur for companies work On 17th of Dec. And they told me that I will get incentive if I will go there. On 31st Dec. Morning I come back from Jaipur. And same they gave me some field work. But I was apointed for a office work only. And from 2nd Jan 2016 I again started working in office. On 13th Jan. I asked my senior for leave till 24th Jan. In office. And they told me ok i can join on 26th of Jan. 26th Jan is celebreted as Republic day so they told me that I can join on 27th. On 13th Jan 2016 after discussion I emaild them and informed them about my leave. And also mentioned that please issue my Dec. months salary because I have to pay my bill, house rent etc. But they did not credited. On 27th Jan i failed to join my work and also fail to inform them. On 29 Jan. When I reached office they told me that. They will not allow me to join work because I dint join my work on time. And said they will not pay my salary because I dint serve my notice period. And they told me if I want to take legal action I can take. Even they told me that I will get my termination letter but I did not receive my termination letter. Even i wrote them email in which I mentioned please provide me my termination letter.. Now my questions is: 1. Can a employer fire his employee on that reason because employee dis not inform about late rejoin after leave. 2. Can I take legal action against my company? 3. My salry was 10,000 INR, so I dont think I can take legal action. Please Advice me my salry is small but it means alot for me. As I am from middle class family and living away from home. If anybody want to see my contract I can write the whole points or can email them i contract. Thank you in advace