False fir on innocent person

a false fir is filed on a tours and travel company ( accuse 1 , accuse 2 ) The company who filed the fir is taking revenge with accuse 2. Accuse 1 is on anticipatory bail from high court Accuse 2 was arrested the next day of the fir filed She is not letting to getvthe bail. Accuse 2 bail is rejected in high court and the basis of police investigation still going The fir is under section 420/ 34 ipc and information technology 65 66d In her fir she mentioned the 5 group packages which our company did not complete after recieving the amont But we have completed all the packages. And plus this lady has to still pay the outstanding amont for the same. These packages where in the month of june. As she did not pay the outstanding we filed a civil court case in mumbai when she came to know of the civil case she filed this false case on us in her city pune. We have given the police all the details of this packages including the flights issued , land packages , hotel voucher , visa issued, all the mail conversation every thing . But ? Plesae advise me what should be done in this matter. She is threatning us to give her money or she will do something like put othet fraud case on us by some third person. She and her family have huge political support. We have done all the tour complete and have all the mails of the same. Police is not replying much. It will take sixty days for chargesheet. Still 2 weeks are there. Please advise accuse1 is a female and mother of 2 small children accuse 1 is the husband and its been 40 days he is in judicial custody. Please help