Company is not paying FNF

Dear Sir, I have joined Arucom Electronics Pvt. Ltd. in July 2015 as Training Executive. Due to my father's transfer,I took leave for 3days from 27/oct/2015 to 29/oct/2015 to help family during shifting and all. At that time also they deny to give approval of leave for 3days. They told me to come down to office in 2days only. After reaching at my home town, official concern(My father's) happened so, I communicate for more leaves, due mid of something I am unable to continue my services. Everything was communicated to my HOD via call. Then she was saying like this is not the right way to work. So, I told her that I want to continue but due to some concern I am unable to continue kindly, give me some more leaves to settle the situation. I request her that to discuss with management regarding this. As per her guidance I sent mail to her that I want to continue my services. She told me call respective date in the month of Nov 15, but due diwali festival. no update I got from her. then after diwali I called her, then it was more that 15days passed. Then she said, management is not accepting your proposal to continue but I can do one thing for you to continue your services is that you need to fill one year bond. this discussion held on 20/nov/2015. After that I put my mail for resignation. Then I told to provide my documents, salary and relieving letter. She denied for that saying that you leave organization without serving any notice period or hand over process. Company will not provide that, I request her to take care of it. I will go handover process just inform me, then she said now not required. Then for my FnF process they create many issue will not provide salary( hence I worked whole month in oct 15) will give you only documents and all. I took multiple follow up then, then she said ok company will provide salary but we require valid doc. of ur father's transfer and all( which was require to submit but also I submit that documents). That I took several follow up for management decision(sometime she didn't receive my call and communicate information at reception don't transfer my call. Finally from HR got call to come down for FnF process. That should be released in the month of Jan-16 around 7th date of month. But they hold my Fnf process due to this reason that they got news like I am working in Indore in different company. Then I talk to accounts department they deny to release my salary. I am regularly sending reminder emails and messages to Owner keeping all into Cc to release my FNF. but not a single reply I have received through email or call. Note:- Above all conversation I made through mail and call as well. Company only replying by call not through email. My situation is really bad. I have not received my salary around 7327/-(after all deductions). Now, my HoD not receiving call,they are least bothered. They are not ready to speak also. I am seriously in big trouble. need your Help. Please Guide me for the same.