If OC is not there, can BBMP ask us to vacate the building?

We bought a flat in Dec 2012 in a 90 unit apartment, but builder has not completed the work till now. Mean while, as we already paid 100%, so we 25 flat owners did registration of our flats and than start staying in the flats. Now builder has started building 8 additional flats, which are not part of the approved plan from BBMP. And he did not applied for any legal procedure to get permission from BBMP. So this construction is illegal. So now we have given complain to BBMP and the illegal construction has been stopped. But builder is threatening us, by saying that as still this building is not having Occupation Certificate and You guys are not having Possession Certificate(he has not given that to us till now) also, so you guys are staying here illegally. So either take back your complaint OR vacate the building till OC has not been provided(he has not applied for OC and he is not willing to apply also). So can the builder do this? if OC is not there, we can not stay in our flat, as we already paid 100% money and registration has been done?