Property Damage caused by neighbour's tree

Dear, For last 12 years I am facing a problem which has become now unbearable. I want a solution for this. I have my personal residence in Kolkata, West Bengal. My property is being invaded by my neighbor's tree. The situation is now intolerable, I can not open my windows because of the mango tree branches, two times I have repaired portion of my building damaged by the tree, my dish tv does not get enough signal and lot more. This neighbor has implanted the tree just on the boundary line of my property and even after several talks in last 12 years, they are not willing to cut the tree or branches inside my property boundary. I have gone up to the Munucipal chairman and some other society personnel, however, the solution provided is just temporary. Sometimes they cut small branches which grows every year and again the same situation reoccurs. I would like to have legal advice on this, is there any law suit which can be enforced to have a permanent solution to my problem ? Thanks Tanujit