Need advice in False Dowry Case (Asnsol/Jabalpur)

Respected Sir, This is regarding a FALSE dowry case for which we received a notice which has not yet been officially accepted by us . Characters : Wife - Is staying in Asansol (W.B.) with her brother from past 8 months. Husband - Staying in Jabalpur (M.P.). with his brother and mother The notice reads : " To: Officer in Charge , Jabalpur P.S. Dist. Jabalpur From : Officer in Charge , Asansol P.S. Dist Asansol Ref: Asansol P.S. Case No AA/BB dated DD/MM/YYYY U/S 498a/323/506 IPC and 3/4 D.P. Act. Subject : Notice u/s 41(a) Crpc. In exercise of the power conferred under sub-section of 41a. Kindly arrange to inform and direct the following FIR named aced person who resides under your jurisdiction to meet with ASI Mr. XYZ on DD.MM.YYYY at Asansol Police Station to question them to ascerain the facts and circumstances in c/w above reference Case(.) Kindly treat it as urgent 1. Mr A 2. Mr B C. Mrs C D. Mrs D " Queries : 1. What do we infer from the notice. A complaint/case OR a FIR has been filed ? (Confusion is because the notice mentions both the words) 2. What would be your advice in this case ? Get a anticipatory bail and then meet the concerned ASI police official on the date mentioned in notice ? 3. Anticipatory bail can be obtained from Session/District Court or one has to go to the High Court? 4. Can the police arrest if the anticipatory bail is not secured ? 5. Can the wife file the dowry complaint from Asansol , even though her husband stays in Jabalpur 6. Can the husband file for quashing the FIR if the notice is for a FIR ? 7. Is there a mechanism for the case to be transferred to the husband's place which in this case is Jabalpur ? 8. Anything else that can be done from the husbands side ?