Licence seized

This happened to me yesterday on my way from Faridabad to Delhi just after crossing the toll. I was driving at around 60-65 kmph on the toll road however when it was about to converge with the main Mathura road, I reduced my speed further. S soon as I touched main Mathura road, I was greeted by traffic police members who asked me to show me my licence. After they saw all the documents, they said that I was overspeeding on the toll way. I was shell-shocked. Then I gathered myself and asked them what was my speed. They confirmed "65" and speed limit on Mathura Road is 50 kmph. & that due to this not only i have to pay overspending fine of INR 400 but also my licence is being seized and shall only be returned after 3 months!!! Later I came to know that some supreme court committee has sugeested this. I've got three questions: 1. How wrong I really was? After, there is no one I know of who can drive below 65 kmph on a toll road. 2. Shouldn't toll area be having a different speed limit (as generally is the case) than what has been prescribed for other area? Given the factor that speed guns had been purposefully put at a place where drivers normally get an empty road....... perhaps to meet their yearly challan targets. 3 Can I do anything to get my driving licence back(other than depositing challan of INR400..... something that I already have done)?