Marriage in Two counties, Two Women

Ive come into contact with someone from India who is seeking a divorce from his Indian wife( living in the US) and I am trying to help him through the process. Background: he is from India and married a woman in the us then shortly after got a green card. They were married for six years total. In 2013, after separating from first wife he met and started dating an Indian woman she became pregnant in March 2014. Not wanting to be unwed for her families sake they agreed to get married and married in India in June 2014. It was not registered in India or the United States. The first wife knew of what was going on. The second wife was fully aware of the situation with the first wife although she denies knowing. Friends have agreed to write letters stating as a witness that she knew. He was officially divorced from first wife Jan 2015. He is now seeking divorce from second wife due to her abusing him and making him loose jobs and friends by lying on him and calling his job causing scenes. She also had an abortion and never had the baby. The wife is fighting for an annulment stating that marriage was invalid due to first marriage. What are his options and what are the consequences of any since he was married in India before being officially divorced in the US? He filed for divorce in US and she countered with an annulment.