House owner not returning our Lease/Mortgage Deposit

Hi Sir, Thank you so much for your time in reading my issue. I have seen your earlier legal suggestions in other cases. I hope would also get some help or suggestions which would solve my issue. We got the Lease Agreement for 2 years (7L) in 2010. As soon as we moved in, we got to know the house is not actually hers and she just has the power of attorney and she has cheated many of her other tenants who leaved there earlier and also her step brother raised concerned about we staying in the house and also had lot of maintenance issues with the house. With all these issues when we wanted to terminate the agreement with a valid 3 months notice according to the agreement, she denied saying, she didnt have money and forced us to wait until our lease actually ends. We desperately waited for 22 months then we asked for the money, she started saying, whatever we want we can do and she will not repay our money as she does not have money(which is not true as she has acres of land in Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka). Finally we had to a file a criminal case against her for cheating which is still going on for 4 years now and she never attends the court sessions and even if she attends she has reasons not being well, then now our lawyer suggested us to file a Civil case against her 3 months back with the court recovery fees of 50K. Its almost 6 years we are suffering in this house, unable to vacate as our money is stuck and our lawyer suggested not to do so. My parents are getting older and not being able to tackle this court sessions. Please help as to what to do now. I am now helpless and need the money urgently.