My Wife called the police and gone to her house for 2 months now

I have a love marriage and married for 6 months now, I have a 8 years relationship. After 2 months of marriage,she did nothing in my house just sit and she has no good relation with my mother and father. I did everything for her but of no use. We have a very good marriage in banquet hall. but she was not comfortable at all in my house,1 day we have a fight in night and by next morning she called her brother and he tolled her to call police.She called police by 100. But at that time i was not in my home,when police arrived she said I want to take action against me and my family. She wrote a complaint against me my father and my mother. But even the police person were so helpful with my family,they said these are simple issues,dont get angry,but she is dead against everyone.Police did nothing against me. Now she is with her family for 2 months now. She is avoiding meeting with elders and she spoke to me one and said she is not interested in me now,she said she will not come back now,but will take very hard action against my family members.She has insulted my family on phone and i have a recording also in which she is says she will not come back at any cost. Now please suggest what should I do to save me and my family. And from my side i dont want to take her back. Please Guide what should i do ??