Icici bank staff calling my wife and abusing for my personal loan

Icici bank has given 2 personal loans 7 years back . I have promptly paid dues through their bank. . Now I am above 60 years and suffering from back and neck pain not able to pay the dues. I am jobless. so many times bank collection agents came and abused me. past 2 years no agents are coming to my house. They have send so many lok adalt notices. But I am in deep depression not respond the notices. My wife is not aware of my loans. A major part of my loan amount lost in stationary business and share market. my wife has not signed in any surety. She knows only that I am doing some business. but nowadays some way they got her cell no and start disturbing her in office hours. I dont have any property and my bank balance is noithing. I have no intention not to pay the loan. But how to pay is a question mark . Ours is a joint family owned by my father in law.He is no more now. family partition suit is going on from 2005 onwards. The bankers are trying to to get my daughters cell no. also. She studying in college. So respected lawyers advice in this regard most helpful to me. They should not disturb my wife and daughter. Thank you the forum'