Regarding technical resignation

Dear Sir, I am a railway employee and joined railways in October 2013. I had applied for several jobs before joining. After my initial training was over and I got posted I intimated the same to my department. I am an ESM and have served indian navy for 10 years thus I sm entitled to pay protection I.e. my last badic pay drawn from navy. Now I got selected in some other centre government department at lower grade pay. I have already put in 2 years of service in railways including 1 year training. Now I want to resign from railway to join new job if I apply for normal resignation I'll have to pay cost of training to railways. Thus thinking of technical resignation. But as per rules (not sure about this,just heard from friend), one needs to apply for pay protection with in one year of joining service. Now if I apply for technical resignation my current service 2 years will be counted. In that case will I be eligible for pay protection or not. The department is ready to give technical resignation. And if I am not eligible for pay protection in technical resignation will i be eligible if i go for normal resignation. I have not applied for this in railway so far. Please guide me what to do. Thankyou