Divorce from a veryyyyyy much Cruel Husband !!!

Pls help, He tricked me into marriage showing me a dreamworld, from the very day of our court marriage I am not staying with him, Jan 2011-Feb 2016 till present. He is a cheat and fraud and sadly I got to know it after the legal procedure of marriage. He is a cheat, also has dark contacts with intimidating people, has affairs and he is also forcefully demanding money from me, has created my FB social network account without my consent. Has defamed me on social media. Threatens on my number. He threatens me saying he will not let me live, and will never give me a divorce at any cost! and will throw acid on your beautiful face and will never let you stay peacefully. I seriously want to get rid off it . I lost my Dad last year now I stay with mom but unable to live. apart from this i have no other complaints in life except this . What's the best option left for me to stay peacefully and marry someone soon ??? pls don't loose hopes and say its difficult for me to stay peaceful. It's an unjust on women ! Just for the sake of a fear of no approval from the society after being denfamed I am even unable to inform police.I want everything to be done secretly silently... I want to get ridddd of it ,!!!