Can i be forced to marry?

Hi, I’m 27 year old boy. I was in relationship with the girl (29 years old) 4 years ago. After a year into the relationship I realized that the girl is abusive, dominating, alcoholic, chronic smoker and violent as she comes from broken family. I come from conservative family therefore I decided to withdraw from relationship. On withdrawal and stating refusal to marry her girl slashed her wrists and consumed substance to attempt suicide. I felt succumbed to stay in relationship with her as I did not want her to lose her life. The relationship suffered several breakups and patch ups during that we got physically intimate and the girl got pregnant. The girl refused to go to the doctor for abortion. Even after telling her to avoid, during pregnancy the girl continues indulging in smoking several packets of cigarettes and alcohol abuse showing no concern for the child inside her womb. We decided to give the baby for adoption and had found childless couple to adopt our baby. The girl suddenly changes her mind to keep the baby after he is come out into the world. Once again when stated that I do not wish to marry her she threatened to leave the baby (8 days old) and attempt suicide. I was helplessly compelled to give into her decision of not giving the baby away for adoption. We have been taking good care of the baby and he is 6 months old now. I have been with her all this while until recently when in a argument the girl scratched and violently bit me and kicked me out of her house and said she doesn’t want me in her life. After a month later, the girl now wants to marry for reason the baby is illegitimate (born out of wedlock) and wants the baby in her name. The baby’s birth certificate displays the mothers name with my surname. The girl is not interested in living with me. Please help as I do not intent to marry her as she is not sound woman and threatens to suicide when she doesn’t have her way. I feel I have been submissive into the relationship under her suicidal attempts and don’t wish to spoil my future with her. Also, I do not wish to marry her out of the fear of the legal consequences I might have to face because that is not what marriage is about. I’ve tried to seek counseling help for her but her stubborn self refuses to comply. 1) What actions can she take on the legal front against me? And how do I come out of it? 2) Can the birth certificate be amended to have mothers name with her surname instead of mine? (Because that would sort the problem)? Please advise me of relevant options to get out of this messy situation!!!