Can husband get divorce if I do not want it in special case?

My husband is 6.5 years younger to me. When he had proposed me 9 years back for marriage, I had refused as I was a divorcee then. But he convinced me that I should not lose my faith in others just because of 1 wrong person in my past life and that he will never ever leave me and that I should give him 1 chance. He gained my trust and then blackmailed me emotionally to keep physical relations due to which I got pregnant. When I told him about this, he started avoiding me and asked me to get aborted. When I refused, he hit me very badly. I had to inform this to my parents. Then he came to my home and confessed to my parents that I was pregnant from him and that he would talk to his parents for our marriage. He kept on giving some excuses for a month. Finally my father gave him ultimatum of telling his parents. Then after 2-3 days he told my parents that he tried to convince his parents but they are not ready to listen anything. He further said In that case he will marry me but only after I get aborted. I did not trust him, so I got this in writing from him with his thumbs (as his right hand was fractured then). We were to get married on 15-Jun-2006, but till that day he kept on saying that his parents are not agreeing for our marriage. On 15-Jun-2006 he played a game with his friend-cum-partner - his friend came and said he will not let our marriage happen and my husband also said he won't marry me. That time I told both of them that if he doesn't marry me, I shall go to police and media. In this fear is friend got his parents to meet my father and there he and his parents decided that marriage would take place but in dec. 2006. Since my marriage, my in-laws were not behaving properly with me and were telling my husband to give me divorce. In jun 2010 when my mom expired, I came to my parents' home. I stayed there for a month and suddenly in jul 2010 I recd. a divorce notice from my husband. The case is going on and my husband, his friend and his parents are denying that they were against our marriage and that they never accepted me in their family. Also they say that it were my parents who postponed our marriage from jun 2010 to dec. In dec 2008 my husband came drunk at home and hit me very badly and threw me out of his home at 1:20 a.m. That time a police complaint was launched, but now he says that I had launched a false complaint. In this situation, do you think he will get a divorce, as I am not ready for divorce, because they have made false allegations against me and are demanding money from me in lacs for torturing them. Pls advise me. Thanks in advance