Mentally harassed and cheated by husband and mother in law

Myself Kirti from amritsar. I got married in Nov 2013. It was a love cum arrange marriage. Some how, at the time of marriage, my mla was not present in the marriage but rest of the family was there. In March 2014 my mother in law came back from Melbourne and joined us. She started misbehaving with me as I was earning good as compare to my husband. She tortured me for even touching any household things related to sister in law and her husband behavior was husband dnt tried to protect me from all that s shit. I was just adjusting myself with all of them. I was unaware of the thing that this is there plan to harass me, as my mla was asking money from my parents to settle my husband in abroad. The time passed. In Jan 2015 I got pregnant. All were quiet good at that time during this time my mla separated my kitchen in same house. After few months, in may 2015, she filed a complaint against my husband and me that we are not under control of her. So my husband cannot claim there property. Again this was there plan. Then I also filed a complaint against all of them for dowry, as this was also there plan. Even my husband was also involved with them. He was cheating on me. They all wanted me to leave the home. After complaint.the settlement was done that during my pregnancy. Nothing can be done.. After all this, in aug 2015 when I was out of house, my mla and husband locked the main gate and went to my sister in law's place. I called my husband, but he refused to come. Since aug 2015 m at my parents place. Then I again filed the complaint against all of them. The fir was done under 498 a/406/494/120 b in Oct 2015. Now i have a 3 months old baby girl. Before fir my husband sent me divorce summon. On summons his home address was there. My issue is that my husband is living in same house. But my mla is claiming that his son is not there. And cannot claim the property. How can I get a share of property for my girl property registery is by the name of my mla.. Is there any way to get the compensation for me and my daughter.