International marriage

Hello, I am a woman from Netherlands, with both Dutch and Polish passport. I was born in Netherlands, residing here my whole life. I met my Indian partner, which was born in India and only holds Indian passport, in Europe. After my graduation this year I will start my life with him in India only. Now, in the case of a marriage: I am not a hindu and I dont have Indian passport. I have understood from research on the internet that after a marriage i can apply for X visa and after a couple years for PIO card to stay longer in India. Is this the case? If yes, are there things I should consider too? If no, what is the case then and what should I consider? Lets say we get children together who are born in India. I would like to give them Dutch nationality, but because they are in India and child of an Indian I assume they get Indian passport too. Is this true? And if not, what is then the case? As last, what will happen in the case of a divorce? In Netherlands everything is either divided 50/50 or if there are prenuptial agreements they count. Can I make prenuptial agreements in India? And if not, what should I do then to protect me and my children? Thank you.