Ipc 337

Civil contractor, construction time injury case. No Agreement. During first floor construction, for Sunday curing work, one labour was supplied to Owner. They use to take care of curing on Sunday as discussed before starting construction. ( Normally a watchman with monthly salary will do the job. Here no watchman). The labour fell down, got injured with blood & minor head injury even before starting work. I WAS NOT KNOWING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. Neither the owner nor the mason not called me & informed about the incidence. Owner & the mason in charge gave him some first aid in a near by hospital & later taken him to a another hospital, left him there only & came back with out getting him further treatment because of fear. Next day morning, matter was told to me. I fired both owner & mason for their negligence. The labour friends lodged a complaint. I went & offered his friends for better treatment but they demanded huge ransom money. Actually owner & mason in charge acted negligently, but I got court summons & case booked on me under IPC 337. I was not negligent & was not in the picture at all. How the case will proceed as owner & the mason in charge are guilty. No agreement between the owner & me.