Wrong Money Transfer

2nd July 2015 I have wrongly made NEFT transaction in AXIS bank for amount Rs 10,000 which is one of my registered Payee he resides at Kaikalur krishna Dist AP .Immediately I have noticed the same & contacted over the phone requested that party to reverse back the money on July 6th 2015 but he quarreled in the phone didn't return the amount. Subsequently I have sent an email to the AXIS bank & SBI for reversal of the amount. Both SBI & AXIS Banks ratified my amount Rs10,222 was in your account credited into his account on 2nd July 2015 which was his account was in operative status however we can withdraw the money and he can pay it back.(I have the proofs for Email communication) Same mails I have Forwarded to his Gmail account 22/07/15, 31/07/15 & 27/12/15 sent Gentle remainders to him but he didn't responded any of my emails. 27/12/15 I have sent a register post to his residence stating that above issue also mentioned that it is illegal to keep my money with him also mentioned him I am planning to proceed legally. 30/12/2015 he replied to my Gmail stating that He can't give any guarantee when he will return my money this is due to loss of his passbook. Also mentioned that not to communicate him further on this matter. What are the mails ,Phone calls & Register post are the Illegal activities It is my mistake & he can't help out on this matter . [deleted] Again I have sent a register post requesting him to apply for a Duplicate passbook & also collect the charges from my amount .Also mentioned the below “ The amount I have transferred to you purpose of that amount I have to undergo for an EYE surgery. On July 2nd 2015 I am supposed to transfer to my cousins account. As per the plan he will deposit that amount in the hospital for the conformation of Surgery appointment. Due to this transaction from the past 6 months to till today money was with you & I am not able to go for the surgery due to this blocked amount .Day by day my eye sight was reducing . I am completely depended on this amount for surgery. If I delayed the surgery further Retinal Detachment happens for my both eyes. From the past one month I am trying to explain my situation over the phone but none of the calls was not picked by you. You mentioned that always your are giving response why are you dodging from the phone calls since last 1 month? If you remember you have responded only One Phone call dated 6th July 2015 & my register postdated 28th Dec 2015 rest of the times you didn’t responded any of my Emails from the last 6 months. There is no other channel to communication with you hence I am using the Postal service Please try to understand my situation and send me back my money immediately “ As their any provision in the law to file a case on him and get back my money? Regards Subbarao