Management fraud

My husband was a Worker in BSNL Telecom Factory..he was removed from service on 3rd January 2012 and just 2 months after that my husband died.My husband didn't even received a memo or a Termination letter while he was alive....we received the removal letter 7 months after his death....we even applied for Pension and other benefits but they gave us the reason of poor attendance in the last 3 years for his removal and they told us we are not entitled to get anything as my husband is punished by management and he is removed from service for his absentism without prior intimation.He was a permanent employee who served their company for 25 years....The Management told us they sent us 3 Letters but we didn't replied them so they took such a step. I am given to understand that there is a provision in the rules framed by BSNL office,to the effect that for taking action of dismissal of an employee,approval of the undertaking has to be taken before issuance of order of dismissal subject to the confirmation by the Ministry administratively concerned with the Undertaking or body as laid down in the BSNL.I understand the local Management had awarded the penalty of removal from the service to my late husband without taking prior approval of BSNL DOT,New Delhi. The gap between removal date and my husband's death is 2 months...and if the management had followed the proper procedure to remove my husband by taking prior permission of BSNL DOT,New Delhi, it easily would have costed them another 6 months,BSNL tales average 5-6 months time to Their removal procedure would have been completed after my husband's death...and it would have been termed as null and void. So what action can I take against local Management ?