Grounds for Divorce

I have been married for the past 7 years. We have 2 daughters aged 6 and 2. For the past 2 years, my spouse and myself are not talking terms. He has not been talking to me at all during this period. Every given opportunity he verbally abuses me and has been mentally harassing by not talking to me at all, ignoring me. His parents stay with us. That's why we continue to stay in the same house but without any relations. He has also forbidden me from taking the kids anywhere outside or to my relatives house. There also have been times when he has even physically assaulted me. My queries are as follows: 1. From where can I file the case- The city where we got married, the place where we reside or or can I file from my the city where my parents reside? All three are different cities. 2. Since my elder daughter is studying, will it impact my case if I leave her with him and walk out and claim her custody later? I am pretty sure that they will not allow me take her along with me. Can they file a counter case of neglect/desertion case against me? 3. If I were to walk out of the house, is there any way I can ensure that the kids come with me and ensure that he doesn't forcibly take the kids away from me? Can I file the divorce case after walking out of the house? 4. I am working but my salary is very much less than what he earns. Can I still claim alimony and child support from him? 5. Do I have to prove his cruelty and neglect in the court?