Online Fraud

On 29th Jan 2016, I got a call from the number <won't disclose> sometime in the afternoon(I can tell the exact time only after I get the call records from my service provider). The caller identified herself as "Preeti"(don't know if this is her real name or not) and mentioned that she got my name and number since I had done some transactions online on Amazon and Flipkart(which I really had done). So they were aware that I am capable of making payments online. She told me that I have been selected for a national vacation package @ Rs 5500 and if I do the transaction today, I will be eligible for an assured gift. I told her to send an email to me at my email address.(which she was already aware of). She told me that she will send the e-mail and call again after a couple of hours. She called me again after a couple of hours(after 3p.m) and this time she told me to talk with a guy who identified himself as Mr. Singh(I don't remember his first name and probably this is not his real name). This Mr. Singh asked me if I had received the e-mail, I logged into my email address and checked the email, I said yes. Then he guided me how to make the payment to get the holiday vacation package. He asked me to click a link sent in the email(which redirected to a fraud website<won't disclose right now> I was guided by Mr. Singh(who was very convincing) to register on the website with my name and address. After registration I got an email on my email id confirming my registration. This was followed by payment. The payment link redirected to a payment wallet(of a company called <won't disclose right now>) and he gave me a mobile number(I don't remember exactly) and a password. I entered them and then I paid the amount Rs 5500 through internet banking via internet banking. Basically he got my money into his online wallet maintained by an online wallet provider company. All this time Mr. Singh was on call with me on my phone Mr. Singh was calling from the number<won't disclose right now>. I told Mr. Singh that in order to complete the transaction, I need to disconnect the phone, since I have a feature phone(not smart phone) and in order to complete the payment, SBI sends an OTP(online transaction password) which I need to check and so I can't check that with my call going on. So I disconnected. I completed the last formality of entering the OTP and amount i.e Rs 5500 was deducted from my account and I was redirected again to udio. I am attaching the screenshot. All this was done on my laptop(not any mobile app etc). Exact time of bank transaction would be around 3:46 p.m 29th January 2016 After this I called Mr. Singh to inform that I have paid the money. He said that I'll get a verification call in next fifteen minutes and I must answer it. I did get a call from the number <won't disclose>. The person on the other side was a lady(I can say that from the voice) and said that you'll get your travel vouchers by tomorrow and asked me to message my address to the number <won't disclose right now>. I messaged the number <won't disclose right now> with my office address(the one I had registered with on the website). This is a FRAUD case where I have a water tight case and the perpetrators are based in India. I can get call records. I can get the ip address from the email address. I can get the exact credit card details etc(using which the website was registered with the registrar) Actions taken by me :- 1) Informed the payment wallet servicevia phone and formal email that a merchant registered with them is fraud and be ready with all server logs(credit card details, email addresses, ip addresses etc if required by police) 2) Informed the registrar of the fraud website(i.e with whom the website is registered) and asked them to provide the complete details of the person who registered this website(credit card used, name etc)