Divorce faq

Hello Sir I am pratap from orissa. in 2015 april 9th , i married to whom i love in court but none of the family members are aware of that . Their family is very conservative in nature . Although with out knowing that we already married they accept our love and planing for our marriage but suddenly oneday they are refusing that they can't permit us for marriage .Then i told them about our court marriage , then also they are refusing to get us married . And now my wife also do,t want to marry in socially and now she and their family wants to get divorced but i don't want this . Even my wife claming that i force her to get married in court . My parents don't want any separation . So what can i do now ? Suggest me some way that i get rid out of it. 1-And another question is if once the divorce petition is cancelled then can we apply another time, if yes . then is there any time duration in this scenario ? 2- In which causes the divorce petition got canceled ? 3-And if we agreed for mutual concern then can i cancel my divorce petition ? 4-If someone refuses to go with mutual concern divorce then what happened? 5-If once the mutual concern divorce petion is cancelled then can we again apply for divorce on behalf of mutual concern ? Waiting for your suggestions . Thank you