After I filed for divorce, 3 months later she filed false DV and

Hello, I am NRI and currently in USA. In August 15 my wife called 911 and reported False DV, those guys came and investigated whole thing and later turned out to be false case and then they didn't file any criminal case against me(I have letter from Police department) and in same month I went back to India but she didn't came & I filed for divorce. After 3 months she filed DV and 498A against me and my entire family including my 22 years brother. My family got bail but since I am in USA I dint get that yet. So my question is - I do not want her to stay with my family even after RCR fearing she will harm them and again file false report. I have all proof of supporting her always which I will present before how soon can we finish off the 498a and DV i also would like to file criminal cases against her obviously no false case but given the circumstances what criminal cases would be appropriate? I am 100% sure I will win 498a and DV, since I used to support her even before marriage and used to pay her 15k per month to support her. Is it very quick to get divorce after court get to know filing of false 498A ? Pls help me