Eviction of tenant

I have purchased a property in Mohali which was rented out by the previous owner to a mobile company, which installed a mobile tower over the first floor. The lease deed between the previous owner and the company was for 20 years, out of which 10 years has already passed. Now after becoming the owner I never recieved the rent from the Company and also the previous tenant didn't recieve the rent.It has been 19 months now. I also sent a legal notice to the company demanding the rent, but they paid no attention. I have also informed them that i am the new owner and the previous owner had also provided the company with the copy of the sale deed, but no attention was paid. Now please suggest that (i) Should I terminate the lease by sending them a legal notice for termination?or (ii) Should I directly file a suit for ejectment and recovery of rent on the basis of fault to payment and wilfull denial of my title by the Company? or (iii) Should I file an eviction petition in the Court of Rent Controller? Please suggest a suitable remedy.