I want legal advice regarding my marital dispute

Note: My case is little bit different from other ones because in this case I(NRI) got cheated by spouse from India. " I am resident of Canada. I went to India for purpose of marriage in 2014. After marriage, I lived with my spouse for three months only and came back to Canada. I applied for the sponsorship of my spouse in June 2015. Till then everything was okay, one day I received a text message from my spouse that she is not interested in coming to Canada because she loves someone else from the last 4-5 years, she also requested me to divorce her by any means. Her words also confirmed by her to me over the phone. After considering the situation I withdraw my sponsorship and filed petition for divorce in Nov 2015. But suddenly she changed her stand and refused to acknowledge the petition for divorce. I tried my best but could not succeed in service of petition to her. It is clear that she and her family members cheated us by hiding the facts about her wishes and affairs. Her father advised us to bring my spouse(his daughter) to Canada and after six months, we can send her back to India on any grounds. But I am agree to that because I do not want to take any risk now and refused to do so. Then her father demanded money and also threatened that failure to do so he will implement us in court case by putting false allegations against us and our relatives living in India. Now I am very much upset and don't know what to do and how petition for divorce can be served to her? how to save my family and relatives from false allegation by them? From which organizations in Canada and India, I can take help? "