Cheating on property deal by bank employee

In [deleted] our family moved in to a rental house and my father and I was in Army at the time. Our house owner was a distant relative who was a bank employee in State Bank of Travancore. Over the period of 2 years he borrowed huge amount from my mother and on demanding the repayment he agreed to register the property we are staying in our name. As my father and I was away, in 2005 he registered the property in mother's name in sub registrar office showing the old original deed but he didn't handed over the deed to mother. In good faith she didn't took it which he promised to give later. Even after a long time after several approaches he didn't handed over the deed due to which the relationship between us became sour. During the period he was dismissed by the bank due to financial malpractice there. After some years we got a notice regarding attachment of our property for a loan taken by him before selling the same to us. We got stay for the attachment from Honorable High Court of Kerala but I now need an advise on the subject how to go about