Which is the better course of action?

Background My father was a railway pensioner. He retired in 1974 and passed away in 2002. We had filed for the payment of Lifetime Arrears (LTA) of pension due to him. There is no issue of family pension. The arrears have been paid in two parts - Nov 2014 and June 2016. The first application was filed in 2003 by my sister - the nominee. However, nothing happened. I took over the issue in 2012 and started pursuing the matter and filed additional applications as additional facts emerged during the course of the follow up. The applications included 1. Payment of the additional LTA (paid in June 2016) 2. Interest on delayed payment of LTA (paid in Nov 2014 and that paid in June 2016)and 3. Revision in the pension based on 5th PC While Issue 1 has been resolved, on the other issues there is total silence. I have exhausted all administrative routes available. I am now planning going to the courts for Issues 2 and 3. In my opinion there are 2 routes available 1. Go to CAT Mumbai bench with 2 separate petitions. 2. Go to SC with civil contempt for interest and CAT for revision. I have significant evidence to prove willful disobedience in contempt issue. Objective is to get money as also change the system so that future cases of other people do not have to take similar effort. For interest there is a general decision of the SC that I had invoked in my claim. What course of action would you recommend? PS I do not have any formal education in law. However have read extensively. No practical experience other than that required to solve my issues.