Annulment of marriage

My friends boyfriend's father is really sick and the doctor has given his father one year time. His father wants to see his one and only son's marriage before he passes away. He is demanding his son to get married to a girl within his relation inspite of knowing that his son (my friends boyfriend(age 23)) is in a relationship with another girl. My friend and him have been in a relationship for 3yrs now both emotionally and physically. My friend spoke to his parents, but they are not understanding and are really stubborn and strictly do not accept inter caste marriage. The boy tried his best convincing his parents but and they are emotionally blackmailing him not to cancel the marriage or they will suicide and are very concerned about their reputation. My friends boyfriend did not want to get married this early in life and wanted to settle his career first and he still loves my friend alot nd longs to be with her. It's been a week now that his father forced him and got him arranged married (registered) to the girl of their caste. As of now they are not living together, but after the religious ceremony which will be conducted next month girl will be settling in with him and his parents. He married that girl because of his parents happiness and did not argue much as his father was very serious, but he is not happy with the marriage and just wants someone to take care of his parents. My friend is depressed, he and the wife will not be happy. He dislikes the woman, and wants to end the marriage but he doesn't want his parents to get to know as they would get hurt or heart attack as his father is weak. What is the solution for this problem? Can the marriage be nullified without the consent of his parents? What is the procedure? Looking forward for a solution asap. Thank you..