domestic violence

I had filed dv case in 2013 against my husband and inlaws in may2013.they were summoned for it but they dint get present in the court by manupulating d wrong status that they have shifted their tenanted premises. After that they were sumnoned again n they got present stating that we are staying at d same place.aftet that the judge asked me if I want mutual divorce to which I denied. After that they filed d reply.after that the judge gave date for arguements(we were not given d date fir filing rejoinder)on d next date that was meant fir arguments the judge gave another date.on the next date d judge chnged and our advocate cudnt be present there coz of some reason n d new judge gave another date for evidence straightway and directed both d parties to file an affidavit b4 evidence failing which will cost a fine of 5000 to both d parties.nw my question is whether is it legitimate to go for evidence while application under section 23 is still pending nd we hv nt filed rejoinder and no arguments hv taken place.i hv chnged my advocate also. I dnt want to get present in evidence also and dont want to pay fine either.wat is d legal n legitimate way to deal with this problem.i too dnt want to divorce him either .waiting for reply.thnks.