I had purchased a House property in Bangalore, Jayanagar in 2013. the property was allotted by the City Improvement Trust Board now (BDA) in 1959 to One Sri....., he then bequeathed the same infavour of his wife by unregistered Will in 1990 giving a life interest, and giving rights to Dispose the same by any way she wishes. They had a daughter and a Son. The wife later bequeathed the same through a unregistered Will in 2003 to his son and Grand son(Daughters only son) since the daughter and her husband were dead. The Son and the Grandson transferred the Khatas to their names and i purchased the same from them in 2013. The same was the Self acquired property of one Sri..... in 1959. Then through Will it becomes the Self Acquired property of His wife and since she also bequeathed the same through Will present vendors becomes the Sole Owners to Sell it. Please suggest whether the same becomes the self acquired property of the present Vendors or it is ancestral. Since in my sale deed their wives and children have not signed or consented. Now the Son's wife is dead and a son is also dead, only daughter is der who has left the family to marry her choice in USA almost 12 years back itself. Grandsons wife is alive and the two children were minor at the time of executing the sale deed.