Need advice for getting divorce

I have been married in January,2015. After marriage my wife stayed at my home town for 3 months as I was working in other city. In May we shifted to city where I am working and now drama started. 1. She started abusing me and my parents and threaten to call the police. 2. During her stay for 3 months, father in law advised her to carry all the jewellery given by us to her home town and they weigh it (not sure what was the intention) 3. She told and admitted among other family members that she doesnt want to have child and would like to adopt the child and now she is telling that same has been told before marriage and not after marriage. However she is not ready to have child. Only witnesses involved during that discussion are proof for me. I have WhatsApp chat history of the same. 4. She told and admitted that she only married to me because of her Parents's wish else she would like to stay in live in relationship. This was told to me after marriage when we came back from foreign trip/honeymoon. Moreover, we were having objection against her late night call with her male friends and adult gifts given to her. They were saying that it is quite normal now a days! Not sure whether we have such laws to tackle this. During her 3 months stay she visited her home town and stayed there for almost 1 month and she was texting me on WhatsApp to go for suicide if I am not able to adjust with him. 5. I asked her father about the same but he was not co-operating at all now he started demanding money to get divorce. In the mean time she left the home in May-2015 with all jewellery given by us/them and clothes etc. and started living with her relatives/friends in same/other city and now works in a company. Moreover, while having discussion with them she and her father threatened me that they won't spare me. 6. Gradually she along with her family members entered the house in name of settling the issue and they took all the belongings from us (we couldn't deny as abide by law but we took signature from them for whatever jewellery was returned to them). 7. Despite of all these, while having discussion, my father and mother asked her to stay when she wanted to leave the home, but she herself along with her parents took all the belongings and went away. Morover they made a high voltage drama in the society where we are living. I do have recorded phone calls where her father is asking for money, rest of the discussion where her father admitted that she had such objection over child/live in relationship, they themselves stormed in to my house, took all those things which they could carry at max. and WhatsApp chat records like asking me to go for suicide. I am not sure whether I should obey to their money demand (the demand was made terming that we need to think about her future/marriage expense made by them). She has already started working in MNC and as per my knowledge of law marriage expense can not be demanded by any party. One way they are saying that we would like to go for mutual consent divorce but other way they are holding on to it because they want money!! As usual, going for the contested divorce would be a long legal battle hence would prefer to avoid it. At no point in time, any dowry or demand from single rupee has been made from my side or from my parents. Also no harm has done to her physically. There could be verbal dispute from my side (my parents were not living in the same city hence they were not present when she left the home). I am planning to give ad in the newspaper that she is not living with me since past 7-8 months and we can't be held responsible for her malicious act if any which can damage my/family reputation. kindly advice what can be done in this case. Thank you.