Cheque bounce after forceful cheque issue

Dear Sir, I wanted to take a house for rent , and approached an agent , i was short of money , at that instant had no money , so they helped me giving some money and had another roommate who helped with the money , we took the house , and they came to know that i was short of money and they forcefully made me pay the money they lent , which i did , and as per the terms they charged a commission of 1 month , we quit the house , quoting as personal reasons to the owner and we quit the house , now the agent wanted me to give him money , he charged 1 month rent as commission , i was forcefully asked to stay there , i could not stay there , but i had to run off from there to save myself from the torture , i could not approach anyone there as i had no known people , i had travelled to another city , and had kept the number active , i had been in touch and took time and expressed interest to return but am unable to , while i was there , the roommate was misinformed and made to believe them so , he didn't resist or try to assist while i was being hit , they had forcefully taken a cheqque of mine , made me sign it and deposited it once , i was with them and it returned once for lack of funds (i have stopped the cheque now), i had nothing in written as an agreement or such , however i had sent sms to them requesting time , today my worry is , they are claiming to send my photos to all the police stations and declare me as absconding in the courts , i have two worries , 1)will they be able to get my call records and call people whom i know and thereby pressurizing , 2)can they get me arrested for this , if the above two do not happen i am more than happy to return their money , but would need time to do that , however they would not give me time to return , the financials are as thus :: i have to return 50,000 in total to my roommate , and the agent had received the money from him , the money includes that . i had paid everything to the owner of the house and we have officially vacated the house , please guide me and would be very helpful .