Hindu wife cheated on husband by putting her Ex boyfriend spy him

Wife made a promise to the husband not to speak to her ex boyfriend and as she had doubts on him that he's seeing some other woman she put her ex to spy and give information to her about her husband. When husband confronted her and question her she denied that she was in touch with her ex. But, then the husband showed her the call records, then she admitted by saying that she put her ex to spy him. The husband is emotionally, physically and mentally shattered now as then he got to know that she did a lot of stuff with this ex but she won't admit to it at all. Now the husband asked for mutual divorce but she says that she will never give him. Day after day she keeps doing stuff.. like walking boldly in their area and telling neighbors and people around that she's cheated on her and he's tried to attack her and does not treat her good. She also made a made a silence NC at the police station stating that her husband tried to kill her with a knife. Now the questions: 1. What can a woman like her want more from her husband when his willing ready to give her a mutual divorce? 2. How can the husband get a divorce from her? Please provide some information or suggestions where the husband can live at peace and have this woman get out of his life. Thank you, Well Wisher.