Can i ask for quashing

Sir, I had love realtionship with a girl from last 5 years i.e., from 2008-2013. We had taken our some personal sex related pics. We were comitted for marriage but unfortunately she cheated me and one day she hired the local police. The police caught me from one of the place from my district and then asked me to show our physical relationship proof. Then on the very next day the police uploaded one of our personal pic on the victims facebook wall which was morphed. The officer accordingly asked the girl to write a fir. On the fir the girl has mentioned that we had friendship relationship, and also complained that i have blackmailed her and hacked the facebook. The police has sent my devices like laptop, dongle, pendrive and mobiles to the forensic team. At present i have only preliminary chargesheet and the victim has also filed a compromise petition to the court mentioning that we have compromised and she has no problem if i have been granted the bail. Since i have all the original evidences at present and the case is open at the SDJM so can i file for quashing the case at the high court or can i charge the case at the SDJM . THe sections which i have been charged are.. 66A, 506, 354 C(ii), 67c.At present the police inspector was found voilating some right and hence is suspended wrt another case.Another thing i wud like to ask that since supreme court has ordered that couple living in relationship are assumed as wife and husband. please i need yours suggestion,