Complaint against an abusing Neighbour

We have been neighbors for 20 years now and the fight is on and off. The Uncle staying next door steals fruits from our trees, loud noises in the morning(5.30 ish) from the TV, coconuts from his tree fall on our tank and motors and spoil them and we end up paying a huge sum {we warned him initially when he planted the tree that it would be an inconvenience for us and requested to move it the other side, to which the simple reply was "mind you own work", he has a drumstick or moringa tree behind our house which in a particular season has a lot of caterpillars (kambli poochi or blanket worm) which spread so fast and occupied our trees and backyard and also other houses [we requested him to do something about it because these insects started growing everywhere in the house. The reply from him was "you cut down my tree if you want. I won't do anything". what a dismay! we cut down our trees to a particular level and invested so much on shooing away these insects] and so many other concerns. Now those trees which were cut down have started to regenerate or regrow. Today morning - 27th of January 2016 at 8 am, we find him cutting down those newly grown branches from our house, inside our area. This is the limit! He is hurting our trees. When asked why he was cutting down our trees he started swearing us in bad and filthy words and me being a girl he started abusing more. We want to warn him that legally he can be punished for all his troubles. Can somebody please help?!