How much maintenance i need to pay if I file divorce

Hello, I got married on Nov 2014 and my wife stayed with me till Feb 2015. Before my marriage we came to know that she had minor health related problems and they cured. Knowing this my mother went to her home and asked about it casually. Their family took this casual enquiry in a bad way. At the time seeing bride my parents informed their family that my parents stay with me. My wife an their family agreed. At December initial fight started since she used the word "divorce would have been filed instead of marriage registration" and it escalated between our parents. Her father threatened us since he is in the higher level of government post. Her mother abused me that Im not mentally matured. After that we both lived at Bangalore till Feb 2015. While my wife was leaving me she was 1 month pregnant and promised me that she will return back within a week. She was also having mild problems during pregnancy. Doctor also adivsed her that she cant travel. Since she was very adamant I sent her home. After a week when asked about her return date her father replied that he can send her after march last week pointing to same pregnancy related conditions.Meanwhile She used to fight for no reasons. Once march last week was nearing I called my mother for her help. Knowing this she said that she can return home only if my mother goes away and scolded me saying that im sadist. I informed the same to her father and asked him to come along with hos relatives so that we can solve the problems. He did not come for it and said that it is natural at the initial stages. After a month I was relocated to chennai. I used to visit my wife max for two times a month. Since their parents abused us I used to stay only for once day per visit. At her 7th month there are ceremonies to be done as per our tradition we have done this at our expense of more than 5 lakh. These time my wife was very happy she used to speak very sweet and told that she can come only after the maternal delivery and can come back at the mid week of Jan 2016. At september 2015 we gifted with a baby. At Jan 10th 2016 I asked my wife about her return. She suddenly got angered and yelled at me saying that she can come home only if my parents go away. She said that one of my relative had told that me, my mother had abused her with her previous health conditions infront of our other relatives. This actually has not happened. Also there is no need of doing so. One of our relative had poised her. One day my wife and her mother contacted my mother through phone and abused her and insisted my mother to stay away from us. The fight is ongoing and my wife and their family torturing me to stay away from my aged parents. Our relative is a real culprit and my wife believed their words and got a strong reason to chase my aged parents. When asked which relative had told about my mother to u? My wife said that I cant say who is that , I am very loyal to them since they said the truth about my mother. I know my aged parents were stayed with me from June 2015. Since I too have a married sister they never abused my wife. My wife's family is so rude and torturing me to stay away from my parents then only they can send my wife and child to me. Please help. Im planning to file divorce if I file divorce how much maintenance I need to pay?