Service bond

SIr, During 2008 i have appointed as a contract employee for one year in government aided project under one society @ Rs.10000/month, for that they have obtained a one year bond. After 3 months of work, they have sent me 5 days training programme oversees on the project for which they have put me in 3 years service bond, if not , the amount spent on me for training to be recovered with interest in case of resigning.As i have no choice, i signed. After return from oversees, i have resigned the job during 2010 after completing 2 year 11 months, before completing 3 years, just a matter of one month left still in contract. No extension of contract and no pay revision etc. Recently i have joined in another government service and working. right now they found me working here, started harassing me through my department for insisting to pay the amount with interest to the ex.government aided society. What should i do. Please let me know whether contract employee can be put into service bond in government sector or just a month left before the bond period, money incurred to be paid to the organisation.