Regarding complain of my ex employer

Dear Sir/Madam, According to my appointment letter, clearly mention that the company may at any time after confirmation of my employment, terminate the employment, by giving me one month's prior written notice or payment of one month salary in lieu of notice, in accordance with employment laws. Similarly i may terminate the employment with the company at any time, by giving the company 1 month prior written notice or payment of 1 month basic salary in lieu of notice. I have resigned and served 12 days notice period. I have joined in company on February,2015. After 4 month, I communicated to hr by mail many time regarding my appointment letter and my confirmation letter, but any body did not give me reply/answer. In December, 2015, I communicated to HR again regarding the same, after that I received only appointment letter with confirmation. Company did not give me confirmation so I resigned. i served 12 days in favour of company, and leaved the site after clearance. After that company cut my 19 days notice period full payment not a basic. I request to all that please give me suggestion that can i complain to labour court or commissioner regarding the same matter. I have talked to many time to hr but they are not giving me clear answer. Please help me.