Owner is not refunding entire deposit money

Dear Sir, I was staying in an apartment since Aug 2009 . Last agreement was with landlord in April 1st 2014 for eleven months. This agreement was already expired. In that agreement following clause was included. "The tenant shall keep and maintain the scheduled house in good and tenantable condition as given by the owner. The tenant takes due care of the house and the furnishings including wardrobes, curtains, taps, l fittings namely 2 fans and electrical bulbs etc and to return them in working conditions without any damages. Damages if any will be assessed by the owner and recovered, from the advance amount at the time of vacating the premises and the owner has the right to do so. The tenant agrees to this clause unconditionally." In last dec 15 the owner asked me to vacate the apartment. As per his date in jan 19 2016 I have vacated the house. But did not get any refund deposit money (Rs 80,000) saying above clause. Now I do not know what steps should be taken. Please advise. Thanks Amrut