My father PQR purchased and owned 3 houses. House A was purchased 50 years back fully financed by him and registered under his name in a pvt co-op society. House B was jointly purchased in 1998 and equally financed by him and me (let me name myself as Y). And house C was purchased in 2002 fully financed by him but purchased in name of my sister's X and Z. My father died intestate 7 years back leaving behind we 3 daughters X, Y and Z. After his death my sisters and their legal heirs signed noc and transferred house A in my name. The society has registered me as the next owner and wrote my name on share certificate and stamped and undersigned by the then chairman. All the papers and documents of house A are with me and the house is in my possession. Unfortunately house A has been under redevelopment dispute for past 11 years as the builder is not genuine. When I asked for my share in house B which is been under my elder sister X's possession for past 18 years she bluntly refused to give and neither is she allowing me to stay with her till the redevelopment issues of flat A are solved. Nor she is ready to sell the flat and give me my share. Also she has fraudulently taken away house B original papers. But I have got its duplicate copy from registration office which clearly bears my father name on top and then my name. What should I do? Can I claim for my share in house B? How much shares do I own in it? In future after redevelopment (if it happens for house A) will my sisters be able to claim inheritance rights on house A even after signing noc and relinquishment deed? Do i have any rights on house C ( which is on my sisters X and Z name ) but the money to purchase house C was completely provided by my father. Does house C come under benami transaction?