Company not paying 6 months salary and terminated without reason

I was working with a private limited company (RCI Cash Management Serives Private Limited) as a Senior Manager. I have worked for 3 years. I was also handling insurance claims & Legal cases. I have resigned from this company as this company was indulging in Illegal activities by utilising public money for its personal use and for running the company. This company provide services to various Banks. Bank provide cash to refil their ATMs and this company refills ATMs on behalf of Banks.The cash which is supposed to be loaded in ATMs is not filled in respective ATMs and the employees deposited cash in company's current account. This company files fraudulent complaints with Police as misappropriation of cash and the amount will be claimed from Insurance. Since i am aware about this illegal activity, i do not want to encourage the company in illegal activities. In the first week of Jan, one of the director called me and asked me to leave the company and just said the reason as Insurance claims are pending and since i was not able to settle the claims i was asked to leave the company. Nothing has been given in writing as forcefully Laptop was taken from myself. As per appointment letter either party has to give 90 day notice or notice pay. The company has not paid me salary from July 2015 to till date, every time they were requesting me to understand their financial position and delayed the matter. Now the company had got funding from SIDBI and they do not have any financial issue but they are not paying the pending salary and also not paying the notice pay and also Relieving letter is not providing. Since i am a senior employee, i do not come under labour law. Can someone suggests me how to handle situation. Can i lodge Criminal case in police station as this company is cheating many employees as terminating employee without anything in writing. Since its operations is spread across Pan India and in many locations they do not have office, many employees are not able to approach any perticular police station. Few employess had filed case with labour court & they are going on for more than 2 years. Please let know whether criminal complaint can be lodged against the company for cheating, breach of trust, breach of contract. Also let us know whether criminal complaint can be lodged against the company for misappropriation of public money. Regards N.V.Ramana