Wife asking for divorced after getting 3 months pregnant.

Sir, I married last year and it was a love marriage with mutual consent of both families.We both had past relationship in the future and we talked about it before marriage.After getting married I came to realize that my wife is extremely introvert and she is not a person to adjust in join families.We had some fights regarding few issues ( normal wife husband issues) but slowly things are getting worst as she is blaming that I am giving her mental torture.Whenever I tried to settle the situation she never cooperate and remain silent for 1-2 days.Such behaviour doesn't look normal.Each situation is well informed to my in-laws but interestingly they overlook and take it casually. Now situation is such if I ask for small things she blames me of torturing me...She is 3 months pregnant and we had an agruement over a small issue.Now situation is such after this agruement she went to her parents.She blamed that I am mentally torturing her and she requested for divorce. My questions are: 1. We had arguments where both are involved how can be it a one sided torture. 2. As she is pregnant does my in laws have right to keep her without My consent...for How long can she desert me at her own wish? 3.If she file a divorce can she claim for maintenance. 4.Sudden change of mood and asking for divorce without any strong reason ...Blackmailing me after getting pregnant for divorce..On what grounds I can defend myself..Can mutual arguments and verbal fights ( no physical abuse or such) be a reason for divorce 5. Can she give birth if the situation turns worst towards divorce...I don't want to spoil a new life..What are my rights over giving birth under such situation for the where the relationship is going through a rough course... 6. I feel she is doing everything to separate me from my family as she don't want to adjust with them.My parents are very caring and they love her very much.As she can't blame my parents for anything ,she is creating small arguments with me into big issues and blaming me for mental torture. And last time she asked for divorce.It seems she is planning the whole thing and blackmailing me..Please advice what should be my step in such situation.. 7. If she return to my home I am afraid she might plot a different situation to prove her point strong.And if I file divorce what are my grounds.I don't want to leave my family. please advice