Naming convention in India

Hi, My name is RAKEND. R . From the first standard i'm using this this name. All my school/college certificate and birth certificate is having this name. Initial "R" is the abbreviation for my fathers name RAMACHANDRAN. My Adhaar card also has the same name. But in my PAN card and Passport , the name is RAKEND RAMACHANDRAN, where RAKEND is first name and RAMACHANDRAN is last name/sur name. So i'm unable to link aadhar card with PAN card. Will this initial expansion in PAN and passport will create any issue ? Not only that, when i checked in NSDL site for how to fill name in application, RAKEND will be first name. But when i tried to register for efiling, SURNAME is the mandatory thing, not the first name. As per normal convention, Indian names are First Name + Last name . Is there any legal standards for naming ? If it is not there, how the various indian departments are interpreting the names. As i mentioned earlier , i'm facing linking issues between Aadhar and PAN. Is this the problem with government? Most probably you will be knowing i'm the not only person concerned with same issues. Can this be challenged in court since the non-standards between various departments is causing issues to public ? a PIL ?