Should I change my lawyer

I need your advice soon about my divorce case. Due to my husband and in-laws torture, I started living separately four years ago. During this period I was expecting that my husband would realize his mistakes and would try for reconcilliation. Instead, he and his family members forced me to go for mutual divorce, which I refused. A year ago, he filed for divorce on ground of cruelty, from his city in Bihar. The case is based on false grounds. I know he and his family will influence the case in their city, so I filed transfer petition on Patna High court. My lawyer attended dates on my absence and I and my husband had attended mediations also on court's order. However, mediation failed. My problem is, now my transfer case is approaching its final stage and I am optimistic that it will get transferred to my home town where I am staying with my old mother. Suddenly, my lawyer started delaying the case. In last 2 and half months, he failed to get a date. He kept telling me on phone that what is the hurry and he is trying and so and so. He is ready with all excuses. I am suspicious about his getting influenced by my husband. What should I do? Before,I used to get 1 or 2 dates in a month and now suddenly, there's no date. As my husband and I belong to the same state and my health is also not well, and I am not currently working, I feel I am entitled to get transfer decree. Please guide me as how to speed up my case and deal with my lawyer.