Security blank cheque mis use by complainant and same was bounce

Dear sir I am doing business (cement) on Nov-2010 I have taken Dealer of One cement company and for the same they have taken my Trade licence , sale Tax registration , Pan card , address proff , Rs: 50000/= as security deposit for Dealer ship , and 2 nos of security Blank cheque , After appoint as Dealer ship of their company , I have done almost 1 crore transation , during transation they have announce some scheme and incentive but after complete on scheme they have refuse to issue the scheme & incentive . and more issue happen. After that I have stop work with same cement company , And that time my outstanding was 7 lac as per company ledger , But as per my account balance is Rs; 285000/= and same was confirm by their company Representative and same I have ready to pay any time , but they demand payment as per their statement ( their is a dispute in accounts) on 15th Dec I have submitted my accounts Details along with all dispute amount in details . But they over look the same statement and 0n 19th dec they Misuse one of my Blank cheque by fill up cheque their self (which I was issued on Nov-2010 as security blank cheque) and same was bounse . After that they issue me a legal notice and accordiangly I have replied them that I am ready to pay as per my accounts and same was acknowledge by their company representative i.e Rs 2.85 lac . After 1 month of my reply they file case on me and charged me under sec N.I. Act 138. and acordiangly I have received summon from Guwahati Court and as per system I have taken Bail after few month the same case was transfer in my home town at Silchar -assam. and again court ask me for taken Bail .And next week I will go for the same . Sir Now Advice me thanking You K.saha silchar